Matthew Higley


In 2008, I completed a certification course at Fresno Institute of Technology for web and graphic design. It wasn't much, but it got my foot in the door for a fantastic journey yet to come. Right out of school I spent eight months as an intern for Hundred10 Design, and it was during this time that I truly began learning the ropes of front-end development. They brought me on full-time as a junior developer and spent two years learning from the best. From there, I joined the marketing team at Paprika Studios where I developed with PHP and Drupal and added video to my skill set with the help of Meza Films. I later found a place with Edit LLC and the Buildicus development team. It was there that I was encouraged into exploring teaching and had the honor of developing Geekwise Academy's Bootcamp 2 course, spending 13 rounds sharing my knowledge with hundreds of students coming through the program. I'm now a full-time Developer Fellow for Bitwise Industries having taught two six-month courses of a specialized class for individuals in partnership with the Fresno DSS and EDC, a semester at the brand new high school Patiño School of Entrepreneurship and recently adding an introduction to Javascript course to my resumé.

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